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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Rape, Kidnapping and Murder of ISM Crazies

Allah's Stupid Little Helpers
ISM volunteers are usually considered the absolute bottom of the barrel of naive Western youth. With child-like visions of revolutionary glory, they join hands with radical Islamists in their convoluted quest for Palestinian "freedom" from those "evil Zionist oppressors" in Israel where women are equals, gays are safe, and the rule of law and democracy are the norm. Can't have that. It would be a comedic scene from Saturday Night Live, if it were not so sad and pathetic. Of course, sometimes these poor lost souls find out the hard way who they are in bed with. Volunteers are often raped, sometimes kidnapped, and just the other day, one of their top volunteers was beheaded in the name of Allah. But don't expect any of that to influence the attitudes of the mental illness known as the ISM.   

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hillary Clinton: Jews Should Stop Having Sex, Palestine Should be Judenfrei

Just like the good old days:
In an interview today with the Obama administrations favorite television outlet Al-Jazeera, Mrs. Clinton announced that "We want to see a stop to [Jewish] settlement construction, additions, natural growth - any kind of [Jewish] settlement activity."

Of course, natural growth means children born and raised in these Jewish communities should not be allowed to build their own homes there as an adult. In short no natural growth. Don't have babies, don't have sex unless you are using planed-parenthood-approved precautions if you want your children to live in the same community as you. Clinton, adopting the Arab line lock stock and barrel is adamant that what she sees as Palestinian land should be 'Judenfrei' (Jew free), as opposed to Israel which is home to many Arab citizens. Israel is also home to millions of Jewish refugees and their decedents who fled from Arab countries. Countries that are now in fact, Judenfrei.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Organized Criminal Theft Masquerades as a "Boycott"

This video that I lifted off of Hotair, tells you everything you need to know about the left, about their bed-buddies, Palestinian "protesters" and their Nazi-like "boycotts." Like the Brown-shirts of old, They rampage through a European supermarket in Islamo-green tee shirts trying to steel everything 'Made in Israel'. Of course, they find many things because Israel actually produces thousands of world renowned products while in the entire Arab world all they know how to produce is IED's, suicide bombers and ignorant, criminal "protesters" like these, which they export to Europe:

Israel produced the first cell phone, computer chips in virtually every computer in the world, cancer drugs and many other life saving pharmaceuticals.... Below is a short clip illustrating only a tiny fraction of Israeli innovation. Contrast that to Israel's enemies and with the loser-crybabies above.

So put that in your water-pipe and smoke it you little s*#t's. The next time you get cancer, send a text message, answer your cell phone or even turn on your computer, please remember to "boycott Israel". What a bunch of losers.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama Has His First Meeting in the White House With his top Middle East Ally

After bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, chit-chatting with Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega, and reaching out to Iran's Ahmadinejad, Obama has invited his closest Middle East ally to the first meeting of his administration with a Middle East leader in the White house:

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Fogoten Refugees: Jews Displaced From Arab Countries

In 1945 there were up to one million Jews living in the Middle East and North Africa outside the Palestine Mandate - many living in communities dating back more than three millennia, well before even the arrival of Islam. Today, there are only several thousand. Who are these Jews? What precipitated their mass-exodus in the 20th century? Where did they go? And why don't we know their stories?

This has been a cause of mine for many years. Most Westerners simply do not know that More Jews were displaced from Arab countries in the last 60 years, than Palestinians were ever displaced from Palestine. According to official Arab statistics, close to 1,000,000 Jews left their homes in Arab countries from 1948 until the early 1970s. Some 600,000 resettled in Israel. Their descendants, and those of Iranian and Turkish Jews, now number 3.06 million of Israel's 5.4 to 5.8 million Jewish citizens. WOJAC estimates that confiscated Jewish property in Arab countries would be valued today at more than $300 billion and Jewish-owned real-estate left behind in Arab lands at 100,000 square kilometers (four times the size of the State of Israel). Yet it is the Arabs who make claims.